Ecorys in TURKEY

We are...

With a strong heritage and commitment to the core values of the Ecorys Group, in 2007 we established Ecorys in Turkey aiming to contribute to Turkey’s needs in the areas of economic and social development, especially by giving the utmost importance to sustainable growth and EU accession.

We aspire to address the most challenging problems in regard to Turkey’s fast economic, social and demographic development. By understanding the opportunities that lay in front of this country, we deploy multi-disciplinary skills accross the full policy cycle and strategy and support our clients in making the most of these opportunities whilst using our expertise to avoid the pitfalls.

Our services turn visions into reality. This is what we have done for the past seven years in Turkey, signing around 100 substantial projects with more to come. Providing high-quality research, sound analysis, combining the expertise of Ecorys Group, we deliver the best quality of management, technical assistance and implementation.

Our Vision
Be a leading global research and consultancy company, addressing society’s key challenges.

Our Mission
With world-class research-based consultancy, we help public and private clients make and implement informed decisions leading to positive impact on society.

Why you should choose us...

  • We are the link between EU context requirements and local solutions by bringing experience from all 28 EU member states
  • We build up new structures for EU Funds management and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills, procedures and instruments
  • We offer in-house expertise with more than 500 national and international experts
  • We link innovation and competitiveness with the future growth of the countries we work in
  • We promote entrepreneurship at all levels with a special emphasis on women and youth
  • We create new opportunities for the labour force through our advice aiming to improve the quality of social and employment policies
  • We ensure objective monitoring and evaluation based on our experience and long track record in this field
  • We have earned our excellent reputation from sustainable project results, excellent client relations, and from professional management of complex technical assistance projects