Professor Tinbergen contributed to the establishment of the State Planning Organization (currently the Ministry of Development) in Turkey.
Ecorys was started as the foundation “The Netherlands Economic Institute” (NEI) by a group of businessmen from Rotterdam in 1992. The goal was then to stimulate the collection and analysis of economic data. Throughout the years many remarkable people such as NEI director (1935-1968) Professor Jan Tinbergen, who was awarded the first Nobel Prize for economics for his work in 1969, contributed to the science of economics and made history.

Ecorys’ expertise increased over the years with tailor-made advice resulting from high-level research. Ecorys also earned the confidence of many of the leading companies and institutions of many countries. This on-goin process of sound analysis merged into inspiring ideas resulting in the effective delivery of advice, implementation and management skills.

During the 1990’s, Ecorys’ expertise proved important with regards to the growth of the EU and the reformation process in countries in Middle and Eastern Europe, leading Ecorys to develop into a pan-European company. To this end, Ecorys is committed to respond to the increasing demand for high-quality international consulting and more comprehensive services ranging from research to implementation and communication.