ECORYS offers consultancy services to clients in both the private and the public sector. Our services for governments are described in the section ‘Research and policy advice’ on this website. We also offer consultancy for commercial companies, which is described on this page.

Advice, based on research
In the commercial sector, our clients are mainly from the real estate sector. ECORYS advises banks, project developers and housing corporations on strategy (boardroom consultancy) and specific projects. Our company has hands on experience with spatial investments and helps companies developing a good strategy. Our advise is based on thorough research and mapping and interpreting the positions and roles of other key players and the relevant trends.

In new Member States and Candidate Member States there’s a great need for training in the general field of economics. ECORYS provides training for:
  • Local trainers and managers (making sure that training remains local);
  • SME companies, focussing on management, innovation and export;
  • Governments looking to employ EU-funds.
  • Trainings are organised locally, at our clients’ location. It is also possible to organise training sessions in The Netherlands. Trainees can then pay visits to various interesting organisations and companies.

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