Policies, programmes and projects are delivered in an increasingly dynamic environment. Monitoring has become an essential tool for early warning of the need to adjust and fine tune whether this be in terms of working methods, staff establishments, budgets or indeed fundamental objectives. Similarly organisations have recognised the need for greater emphasis on evaluation whether ex ante, in itinere or ex post. No longer are stakeholders prepared to accept crude accounting ratios as measures of achievement but rather now demand full and transparent measurement of output and deliverables.

We seek to respond to your needs through comprehensive understanding of the nature and scale of your problem. We use various research techniques to offer a carefully structured menu of information, analysis and recommendations to address specific problems in a targeted way.

Appropriate instruments and methods are selected for each assignment. These may include sophisticated models and forecasting methods, cost-benefit analyses, organisational mapping, questionnaires and so on. We also have the capacity to store relevant data in extensive databases, which can serve as valuable sources for complementary assignments. They also allow us to combine data sets, providing products such as complete consumer profiles and GIS-oriented profiles of regions.

We are continuously developing our research techniques by means of our “in-house” research programme. We also maintain close working relations with many research departments of universities, institutes and organisations worldwide. As a result we are able to renew our “intellectual capital”, exchange knowledge and experience and provide the latest methods, techniques and ideas to our clients.

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