Manisa and Izmir Awareness Raising Seminars
29 April, 2014 - Manisa and Izmir

The consecutive 4th and 5th Awareness Raising Seminars under the Project: Technical Assistance for Prevention of Domestic Violence Against Women were realised in 29th of April 2014 in Manisa Anemon Hotel and 30th April 2014 in ─░zmir Wyndham Ozdilek Hotel. These Awareness Raising Seminars aimed the enhancement of cooperation between the Gendarmerie General Command, NGOs and relevant institutions on prevention of domestic violence, development of a sustainable local coordination, reporting, and service delivery and finally to increase the awareness among Gendarmerie personnel as well as public at large on violence against women issues.

The total number of participants reached more than 200 in Manisa and 315 in ─░zmir which shows the high level of interest to the project activities and to these seminars by various institutions mentioned above. The participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and problems and debates on combating violence against women were realised. Questions on the issue of cooperation and coordination mechanisms were argued Various participants from different groups such as news and district governors imposed the importance of this topic for the well being of society and the seminars held a lot of discussions reflecting the interest of the public for elimination of domestic violence.

The governors of Izmir and Manisa signed the project signature rollup to show their province's support to combat against domestic violence.