Sanliurfa Awareness Raising Seminar
21 May, 2014 - Sanliurfa, Turkey

Awareness Raising Seminar in Sanliurfa on 21st of May 2014 aimed the enhancement of cooperation between the Gendarmerie General Command, NGOs and relevant institutions on prevention of domestic violence, development of a sustainable local coordination, reporting service delivery and finally to increase the awareness among Gendarmerie personnel as well as public at large on violence against women issues.

With the participation of Governor and high level representatives from local authorities, and district governorships, the total number of participants reached 232 where participants showed high level of interest to the project activities and to the seminar. The participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and problems, as well as presenting solutions to prevent domestic violence against women. Questions on the issue of cooperation and coordination on combating violence against women for the interactive and participatory debate session were realized.