Corporate and public agencies seeking to control risk and introduce 'leaner' product or project delivery are increasingly looking to third parties to provide management services. The most effective response is provided by those companies capable of deploying both management skills and sectorial/product knowledge and covering the whole programme/project cycle from inception to evaluation.

We have special expertise in delivering management services in direct support of programmes and projects. This draws heavily on our research and consulting experiences in the fields of policy formation, implementation and evaluation. Our services range from support to a project sponsor at the proposal and feasibility stage of an initiative, which may involve drafting terms of references or applications for financial support, to full multi-annual management of a complete programme.

We can help project funding organisations with the selection of executive agencies, contractors or specialist consultants. We support, for example, the Commission of the European Union in the management of a number of technical assistance programmes. We also advise and secure funding for projects from both public and private sources. We provide ongoing management support for project or programme delivery wherever required and act as project managers, often where multi-agency partnerships are required. We may be involved at all stages of the process, drawing up terms of references, monitoring contractors and ensuring targets and outputs are achieved.

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