The ECORYS Group offers research and consultancy services for a great number of policy areas. Central to these services is a clear ‘feel’ and understanding of the way policy processes work. This partially depends on skills to map and fathom problems. But our clients are not only expecting a list of problems. Much more important is helping them in pinpointing the main bottlenecks and finding solutions to cope with them. Research and policy advice are the tools we use to do his.

Besides this, comparative benchmark studies are important to acquire the necessary knowledge on policy issues, placing them in their context and analysing and understanding them. When we do policy analysis, the companies of the ECORYS Group use experience, gained in various policy areas and in projects for other institutions and governments. If a project is about monitoring, collecting (statistic) data is essential to be able to follow and guide policies. Policy research is not only about looking back or taking stock. The ECORYS Group makes well founded proposals and uses scenarios as a means to create an image of the near or more distant future.

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